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Der JFV Söhre e.V. hat die Aufgaben der Förderung des Jugendfußballs für die Stammvereine FSC Lohfelden e.V., TSG 1896 Wellerode e.V., TSG „Glück Auf“ Wattenbach e.V. und TSV 1904 Eiterhagen e.V. übernommen.

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Neue Vorteilsaktion von der HUK-Coburg & Postbank geplant

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In Zusammenarbeit mit der HUK-Coburg – vertreten durch das Kundendienstbüro Stephan Wassmuth in Lohfelden – erhalten Vereinsmitglieder viele Vorteile.

Das Angebot wird zur Zeit erstellt.

Infos zur Abwicklung erteilt:
HUK Coburg Kundendienstbüro Stephan Wassmuth, Triftweg 28 in 34253 Lohfelden 0561-5104460
Der JFV-Söhre dankt Stephan Wassmuth für sein Engagement.

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Saubere Sache bei den Albert Beck Tankstellen.
JFV-Soehre Vereinsmitglieder erhalten 25% Rabatt auf die Fahrzeugwäsche. Bei Vorlage des Vereinsausweises sparen Mitglieder saubere 25%.

AlbertBeck Tankstellen findet Ihr u.a. hier: Lohfelden, Hauptstrasse 11 sowie unter www.albert-beck.de
Der JFV-Soehre dankt der Firma Albert Beck für Ihr Engagement.

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Sonderkonditionen für Vereinsmitgliederbeim Kauf von Sportbekleidung und Schuhe: www.joergs-sportladen.de

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*Beginn ab 16,5 Jahre,für begleitetes Fahren mit 17 Jahren

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Der Fanpoint bietet ein einmaliges, breites Spektrum an Produkten von Bundesliga- und Internationalen Teams sowie Nationalmannschaften.

Fan Point Kassel
Am Friedrichsplatz 8
34117 Kassel

10% Rabatt für Mitglieder der JFV Söhre

ausgenommen Aktionsware

Runnerspoint Kassel

Obere Königsstraße 19
34117 Kassel

Tel.:0561 2021883

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Kasseler Straße 72 (neben PENNY-Markt)

34123 Kassel/Waldau




10 % Rabatt bei Abschluß eines Neuvertrages 

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Studio Kassel

Wolfhager Str. 18-20

34117 Kassel

Tel.: 0561/711 481

Studio Lohfelden

Poststraße 63

34253 Lohfelden

Tel.: 0561/510 4764

15 % Rabatt Lohfelden Haupstrasse

15% Rabatt auf alle Dienstleistungen und Waren, bei Vorlage des JFV-Söhre Mitgliedsausweises.

Bei Maximum Style erhältst Du die angesagtesten Haarschnitte.

Frisörsalon, Nagel- und Kosmetikstudio Lohfelden

20% Rabatt 

bei Vorlage des Ausweises

Exklusiv für Mitglieder des JFV Söhre 

Medicus Sanitätshaus

5 x in Nordhessen


Der JFV Söhre e.V. steht für attraktive, zielorientierte Kinder- & Jugendarbeit mit Freude am Fussball

A Cyber Stalker’s Attempt to stop Female Blog writers

Women web based facing harassment or fatality threats aren’t doing so only. Everyday people across the world fight against threats and harassment. Sites, forums, and other public networks are a vital part worth mentioning efforts. The net has provided many tools for people to report risks and abusers and to bring awareness to online abuse even when it really is most rampant.

Some advocates argue that the disproportionate range of women who will be assaulted or killed by strangers can be tied to the broader lifestyle of victimization. Others note that cyberstalking and other similar harassment tactics have grown to be more sophisticated. Anecdotal evidence by recent high-profile cyberharassment conditions in the marketing and on college or university campuses reveal that the increasing targets of abuse have grown to be increasingly resistant to abusive methods. Still, authorities say that almost all women who knowledge this kind of nuisance do nothing more than simply report this to government bodies.

There was just lately an show of a cyber stalking “cyber stalker” whom used an online site to taunt and endanger his victims. His trains were girls, sometimes infants as new as four years old. The cyber-stalker’s name is certainly Eric Pursue. He had been prosecuted multiple times to get violating federal government and state laws relating to various types of sites harassment. But despite his numerous croyance, he had for no reason been costed with a offense relating to carrying out rape. This individual actually travelled so far as to develop an internet discussion board in order to notify his man cyber stalkers how to get girls to rape him.

This story produced international news. But what wasn’t covered in the media channels was the reality Eric Follow was beneath investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation just for potential violations of a government anti-harassment statute. Eric Pursuit was the person who recommended that a female student sue a football player for a erotic harassment case that the athlete brought against her in 2021. The mere lifestyle of this recommendation, according into a court transcript obtained by Reason, raises severe questions regarding whether or not Mr. Chase is mostly a cyber stalker.

So why do the government let someone with clear threats to wander free together with his ill-defined “rights? ” Within my professional belief, the answer is in the civil rights act transferred in the 70s. That act makes it illegal to threaten anyone at all including by way of email, apart from explicit “formal” or “electronic” threats. The situation with the Orange case is the fact Eric Run after was not sending emails; he was placing a comment on his blog page. That is certainly a completely numerous thing.

The only method that the municipal rights work has any kind of meaning as if the words will be “used” to make a “demand. ” In any other case, they are merely words and is defamed or perhaps punished in a other approach. Therefore Richard Chase can not be held responsible www.elite-brides.com/ for “harassing” anyone, whether or not there is any truth for the “demand. ” The right to demand independence from nuisance is assured by the US civil legal rights act. If you are battling at the hands of a real life stalker, or perhaps if you have experienced domestic assault in the workplace, the very best course of action is to file a complaint inside the appropriate judge under the ideal legal banner.

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